Compiled by Terry Kilburn

Play It Again

April 26, 2007

Update – 9th May 2007

Naturalist and former Goodie, Bill Oddie, wants to play guitar at his daughter’s birthday party but the problem is he can’t really play. So, he takes a few lessons and seeks advice from Mark. You can see how Bill gets on when the show is broadcast on Sunday 29th April at 8 pm.

Due to a scheduling mix-up this episode of Play It Again will now be shown on Monday 7th May.

BBC 1’s Play It Again series concluded on Monday 7th May with the broadcast of Bill Oddie’s attempts to learn guitar so he could play in his his daughter’s birthday bash. Bill struggled to learn from his assigned teacher so sought further assistance from others such as Albert Lee and Dave Davis. He also popped into British Grove Studios to get a few tips from Mark. To see a clip of Bill and Mark from the programme click here.