Compiled by Terry Kilburn

Official Recording Policy – Updated 15th April 2008

April 15, 2008

From Paul Crockford Management:

There are increasing numbers of fans filming the show. Everybody should be able to enjoy the concert without interference from others. It is beginning to get too distracting for the band and irritating too many people in the audience.

Please note that starting with immediate effect, cameras/equipment used for recording moving pictures (DVD/video/cine, etc), e.g video/DVD/film cameras, will not be permitted in any part of the venue. Single shot cameras and audio are still okay but please be mindful of your fellow fans.

Standard 35mm film or digital cameras, including SLRs with lenses less than 75mm and compact point-and-shoot models, are allowed provided they do not obstruct the view of other fans. Professional cameras or other equipment, including tripods, are not allowed unless the user has the appropriate working media credential. Personal photography or video may not be used to reproduce the concert for commercial purposes.

Please note that this camera policy is subject to change for any event based on the requests of the venue or promoters. Where an individual venue does not permit any type of recording/photographic equipment (including audio, SLRs, digital compacts, etc) then the policy of that venue will be respected. In cases where the venue says they bow to the policy of the artist, it is recommended that you take a printout of this policy with you on the night of the concert.

Paul Crockford
PCM (15/04/08)