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The Rhino Guardians

September 25, 2022

The Rhino Guardians

Please take a few minutes to watch The Rhino Guardians, a short film by Harry Hough about Waterberg Rhino UK ( who are endeavouring to protect the ever decreasing rhino population in South Africa.  The organisation was founded by Ant Baber of Ant Africa Safaris ( For many years now, Ant has been dedicated to protecting these precious animals. – MK

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Richard Bennett, new album

August 22, 2022

As promised, my new record, Tall Tale Tunes will hit the streaming and download services September 2nd. CD copies will be available at Amazon shortly after.
– Richard Bennett

Tall Tale Tunes is the latest instalment in an ongoing series of guitar instrumental masterpieces from Richard Bennett. This project like its predecessors, is a study in the art of touch, tone, taste and timing. The compositions are exquisitely crafted scores with melodies that carry the listener on dreamy flights of fantasy, up and don the fretboards of various guitars that can only be made to sound the way they do in the hands of Richard Bennett.
– Marty Stuart

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Rb Tales 3
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Just Announced: The Studio Albums 2009-2018

July 28, 2022


Mark Knopfler — The Studio Albums 2009-2018, the anticipated follow up to last year’s release of The Studio Albums 1996-2007, is available now for pre-order.

Available in two physical box sets — either 9 LP or 6 CD — the collection features Mark’s latest four studio releases, plus a collection of studio B-sides, bonus tracks, and two previously unreleased songs, ‘Back In The Day’ and ‘Precious Voice From Heaven’.

The Studio Albums 2009-2018 will be out worldwide in stores and on streaming platforms on 7th October 2022.

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The audio for the collection has been overseen by the original mastering engineer, Bob Ludwig, at Gateway Mastering, with vinyl cut by Bernie Grundman. The 9 LP box set will include five embossed art prints and the 6 CD box set will include five art cards of each of the album covers:

  • Get Lucky
  • Privateering
  • Tracker
  • Down The Road Wherever
  • Back In The Day: The Bonus Tracks 2009-2018

Hear the first three tracks from the collection:


Hear three tracks from the bonus album now: ‘Don’t Suck Me In’‘Sky And Water’, and the previously unreleased ‘Back In The Day’

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Surfers Against Sewage – UK

July 15, 2022

For the ocean to thrive, we must look to the source that feeds it: our rivers.

Rivers are the arteries of our blue planet but are treated like like open sewers.
Only 14% meet good ecological status and 3 in 4 post a serious risk to human
health. Sign the petition to join the demand 200 River Bathing Waters by 2030
to help end sewage pollution. 


For more information and to sign:

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