Real Live Roadrunning

Album Credits

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris: vocals
Mark Knopfler: guitars
Richard Bennet: additional guitars
Danny Cummings: drums
Stuart Duncan: fiddle, mandolin
Matt Rollings: keyboards
Glen Worf: bass

DVD Credits:
Directed by Martyn Atkins
Produced by James Pluta
Executive producer John Beug
Co-producers: Diarmuid Quin and Peter Standish

Songs written by Mark Knopfler except "Red Dirt Girl" and "Belle Starr" written by Emmylou Harris. "Born to Run" written by Paul Kennerley. "Boulder to Birmingham" written by Emmylou Harris and Bill Danoff.

This live album sees Mark team up with Emmylou Harris. It was recorded at the Gibson Amphitheater in California and features an accompanying DVD of the performance.

Mercury/Warner Bros. (2006)

  • 1. Right Now (live)
  • 2. Red Staggerwing (live)
  • 3. Red Dirt Girl (live)
  • 4. Done With Bonaparte (live)
  • 5. Romeo and Juliet (live)
  • 6. All That Matters (bonus track/live)
  • 7. This Is Us (live)
  • 8. All The Roadrunning (live)
  • 9. Boulder To Birmingham (live)
  • 10. Speedway At Nazareth (live)
  • 11. So Far Away (live)
  • 12. Our Shangri-La (live)
  • 13. If This Is Goodbye (Live)
  • 14. Why Worry (live)