Album Credits

Mark Knopfler: vocals, electric, slide and acoustic guitars
Richard Bennett: guitars, bouzouki and tiple
Jim Cox: piano and organ
Guy Fletcher: keyboards and vocals
John McCusker: fiddle and cittern
Mike McGoldrick: whistles and uilleann pipes
Phil Cunningham: accordion
Glenn Worf: upright and electric bass
Ian Thomas: drums
Kim Wilson: harp
Tim O’Brien: mandolin and vocals
Paul Franklin: pedal steel
Ruth Moody: vocals
Rupert Gregson-Williams: vocals
Chris Botti: trumpet
Nigel Hitchcock: saxophone
John Charnec: clarinet

Strings arranged by Mark Knopfler and Guy Fletcher
Strings conducted by Rupert Gregson-Williams

All songs written by Mark Knopfler
Except “Miss You Blues”, lyrics Mark Knopfler, melody “Deep Blue Sea”: trad arr Knopfler
Published by Hornall Bros Music Ltd/Will D Side Ltd

Produced by Mark Knopfler
Co-produced Guy Fletcher and Chuck Ainlay
Engineered by Chuck Ainlay and Guy Fletcher
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway mastering Studios, Portland, Maine

Cover photography by Johnnie Pilkington
Additional photography by Guy Fletcher
Design by Mark Knopfler and Salvador Design
Cover Design by Big Fish

Mark Knopfler uses D'Addario strings.

Mark's seventh studio album was released worldwide in 2012 worldwide, except for the US, where it was released the following year.

Mercury (2012)/Verve (2013)

Disc One
  • 1. Redbud Tree
  • 2. Haul Away
  • 3. Don’t Forget Your Hat
  • 4. Privateering
  • 5. Miss You Blues
  • 6. Corned Beef City
  • 7. Go, Love
  • 8. Hot or What
  • 9. Yon Two Crows
  • 10. Seattle
Disc Two
  • 1. Kingdom of Gold
  • 2. Got To Have Something
  • 3. Radio City Serenade
  • 4. I Used To Could
  • 5. Gator Blood
  • 6. Bluebird
  • 7. Dream of the Drowned Submariner
  • 8. Blood and Water
  • 9. Today Is Okay
  • 10. After The Beanstalk
Deluxe Bonus Disc – Rehearsal Desk Mixes
  • 1. Why Aye Man (Live From Music Bank London/2011)
  • 2. Cleaning My Gun (Live From Music Bank London/2011)
  • 3. Corned Beef City (Live From Music Bank London/2011)
  • 4. Sailing To Philadelphia (Live From Music Bank London/2011)
  • 5. Hill Farmer’s Blues (Live From Music Bank London/2011)
Super Deluxe Box Set Bonus Disc
  • 1. Occupation Blues
  • 2. River of Grog
  • 3. Follow the Ribbon