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Compiled by Terry Kilburn

Tour Diary of Guy Fletcher: April 26th, 2019 – Valencia

Please note… Paella is not Spain’s national dish, most Spaniards consider it to be a regional Valencian dish. It has ancient roots but its modern form originated in the mid-19th century in the area around the Albufera lagoon, adjacent to the city. OK. That’s that cleared up.

Away we go, three cities in a day… Barcelona in the morning and the glorious early Summer sunshine, we signed a few autographs outside the Mandarin before heading towards the airport, past a beautiful old bullring that doesn’t want to be a shopping centre, and onward to the plane for a short, smooth hop along the coast to Valencia. There we were met by our second team of drivers and whisked to the Plaza de Toros de Valencia in time to witness Dave and Chris preparing the most delicious dinner.

Even several hours after load-in, the air was dry and very dusty. This can potentially be an irritant for the gear and when I got to my rig, there was indeed a layer, the cling film on the two MacBook Pros not really doing much to protect. We might have to re-think this. I took a brief wander around the venue. Bullrings are fascinating places, especially active ones. I’m filled with morbid curiosity every time I look into the bullpens and see the earth and blood stains on the inner walls.

Last time we were in Spain, in Barcelona pre-show, I met with a young boy, Fran who suffers from a debilitating condition that means he has spent most of his time since 2015 in therapy. I was very happy to be able see him again before the show today. During the show, his dad actually carried him to the barrier in front of centre stage where together they watched the last 5 or 6 songs amongst the happy throng. After the final encore, when the band was lined up at the front of the stage, I pointed Fran out to Mark who made a point of giving him a very special wave.

Listening to the crowd with mild guilt as we escaped in darkness through the hallways, ducking our heads periodically as we negotiated the archways and discarded our in-ear sets into the correct name-labelled boxes, I had the sense we had made some sort of impression. Even through the haze that is commonly known as ‘2nd show’. The next thing I knew it was….

All aboard the joy jet. Having been humbled in so many ways during one day, you tend to consider the important things in life. I also use the word ‘humbled’ because that’s how this band describes coming off stage after the second show of the tour. These are times for celebration in that we are here and we are living it.

Guy Fletcher’s full Tour Diary, including photos and more tour diary entries, can be found here.


Tour Diary of Guy Fletcher: April 25th, 2019 – Barcelona


After a couple of days off, the band found itself assembled at a well known airfield to the West of London. A surreal, wonderful moment, reunited with band and premier air travel once more.

Remembering some of the wonderful stage experiences over many years, I’ve never known quite an evening like this with a band. It couldn’t be more fitting that we kick off the tour in Barcelona, it was our final destination of the 2015 European leg and a city which we all love. On the drive from the venue after an extended pre-show production day, there were fond memories of past shows in here as we drove past the old Plaza de Toros de las Arenas. Built in 1900, it now suffers the indignity of being a shopping centre. “Just what the world needs now, another shopping centre” commented Mark. Times certainly change.

Catalunya is a proud autonomous community and home for the wonderful Palau Sant Jordi, the largest indoor arena in Spain. This is probably the first time we’ve sold it out. Quite a remarkable first venue and a huge contrast to our production space only a few days ago. The reverberation in an empty hall of this size is a real test for our new in-ear system and sound systems. They passed with flying colours and once the place was full, it was an amazing sight and sound. The first show of the tour was suddenly upon us and I’d say the night went pretty well. The band was stellar.

After the show, we all met in the dressing room to toast show number one, discuss the finer points and offer apologies for first-night mishaps (inevitable) etc. etc. An hour later we were still at it and an hour after that, some of us nipped round the corner from the hotel for a final celebratory nightcap. What a fabulous couple of days, many more to come.

Guy Fletcher’s full Tour Diary, including photos and more tour diary entries, can be found here.


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Unauthorised streaming

It has come to our attention that there are unauthorised live-streaming sites advertising Mark’s upcoming concerts as available for viewing. The authenticity of these sites is highly questionable, as no such services have been authorised or endorsed by management, promoters and venues. We strongly advise fans not to sign up to or pay for any sites purporting to live-stream Mark’s concerts, and will be actively working with venues to prevent unauthorised live-streaming activity.

PCM – 25 April, 2019


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Tour Diary of Guy Fletcher: Production Rehearsals –April 2019

Much of our time in the past week has been spent fine tuning both equipment, arrangements and performances in preparation for what lies ahead.

Knowing full well the impact of touring, backup systems are essential and protection in the form of flight cases has to be well organised and this is the week that the crew get all that done. Roland keyboards surround us and both Jim and I are using their latest and best. A fill rig rundown will be available soon in video form.

The number of flight cases increases daily and in this cavernous hall, the switch from rehearsal room to stage is exciting as we are acquainted with the stunning new PA and lighting rigs. The reality hits. Suddenly we are running the set, or at least portions of it between tea breaks, musical discussion and what theatre people call ‘tech’. Technical ‘stuff’. Prior to these rehearsals, Mark and I spent three weeks of tech and previews in Edinburgh, ensuring the Local Hero musical band got off to the best start possible.

Our time in Scotland meant both Mark and I felt we were slightly behind schedule so the three week rehearsal period was welcomed. The keys rigs are virtually new and the preparation time for setting these things up cannot be taken lightly, plus the small matter of the band not having worked for just under four years meant we were all pretty tired at the end of each day and apart from Tom, our trumpet player, none of us are exactly spring chickens.

Up on the 6th floor, the invincible catering team prepare immaculate breakfasts, lunches and dinners for band and crew. Our time here in the West Midlands has been both relaxing and productive and the facilities we are using are the best. The weather to end the week isn’t too bad either as Summer shows up for the Easter break.

Ready to go, the cases are rolled out of the hall and into the trucks for their first trip together, ahead of us….to Barcelona. “See you there in a few days…”

Guy Fletcher’s full Tour Diary, including photos and more tour diary entries, can be found here.


Photography & Recording: Policy Update

Please note that Mark Knopfler has no objection to fans bringing into the show cameras and mobile phones, providing such photographs / recordings are for private use only and these activities do not interfere with the enjoyment of other fans. 

i)     Cameras – Fans can take photos of the show on personal cameras, including digital cameras, provided it is for personal use and non-professional purposes. Any cameras with removable lenses are not permitted.

ii)    Audio recording – This is permitted.  Small personal recording devices are permitted to tape the show, providing it is for their own personal use and non-commercial purposes.

iii)   Video cameras and tablets (such as iPads) – ARE NOT allowed under any circumstances. The following announcement will be posted on Mark’s website:
The use of mobile devices during the performance, including mobile phones, has become a major irritation for fans and a distraction for Mark and the band. We don’t want to restrict your enjoyment at the shows but please respect Mark’s request and resist the temptation to use these during the shows.


Tour Diary of Guy Fletcher: Rehearsals – West London – April 2019

By: Guy Fletcher

West London, familiar and not….

Evening draws in and we make our way back to the hotel after day one of rehearsal and the band reunion. As we drive along the Westway en-route to Marylebone, I gaze at the multitudes of cranes that dot the landscape, imagining the smiling faces of investors in that industry. In 1981 I spent some time in a flat in Acton. I assumed that the area would never change, remaining a grey blob on the periphery of my mental London image. I was so wrong as the ceaseless rebuilding of London currently shows no signs of stopping here.

So, to our hosts for the past few weeks in relatively new premises far removed from the dank dungeons that we used in the 70’s and 80’s. Music Bank offers a rehearsal facility with plenty of space, natural light and an area for the welcome return of our star catering team, Chris, Steve and Dave. You’ll recognise them all as we go, maybe even some of the dishes.

The 2019 tour has been hugely anticipated by all. Here we are again, with some notable additions. Danny Cummings returns on Percussion, Graeme Blevins and Tom Walsh on Sax and Trumpet. There are so many new and interesting things to share with you. The production, the musicians, the crew, the new equipment, the new PA, new lights and yes, the food. I will get to it all once we’re moving…

Guy Fletcher’s full Tour Diary, including photos and more tour diary entries, can be found here.