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Compiled by Terry Kilburn

Local Hero Gin

Mark has teamed up with Portobello Road Gin to create his own special blend of gin:

Mark says “2019 is an exciting year with the launch of the Local Hero musical, a global tour and of course the launch of my new limited edition gin in collaboration with Portobello Road Gin.”

Each of the limited edition, artisan bottles made will be distilled on Portobello Road in their 400L copper alembic still King Henry, then bottled and labelled by hand. The bottle’s decorative label design was led by Mark and is inspired by his passion for guitars. On the inside label of each bottle, there is an image of Mark’s famous 1937 14-fret National Style “O” Resonator. There is also a nod to the days when Mark would sport a headband for his live performances, so each bottle comes with its own miniature version in red.

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Mark & Brian Johnson

Catch Mark on Sky Arts, Friday 22nd March, 9 pm (UK time), as he guests on Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road.